Silhouettes You Can Consider When Designing Your Couture Wedding Dress

Posted on: 17 May 2019

One of the most exciting aspects of planning for your wedding is picking the right gown. While you might be tempted to jump right into the accessories that will go with your wedding dress — such as the fabric, the veil or even the jewels you want on the dress — the first thing you have to decide on is the silhouette. Your choice of a silhouette is critical to your couture designer since this will be the basis for the entire structure of the dress. And if you are not fashion-design savvy, making this decision can be daunting. To help you with your decision, this piece illustrates a few of the silhouettes that you can consider when designing your couture wedding dress.

A ball gown silhouette

If your dream wedding dress is reminiscent of a fairy-tale princess dress, then a ball gown silhouette will be perfect for your couture wedding dress. The ball gown style is considered the classic option for wedding dresses since it automatically exudes a Cinderella feel. The dress creates the appearance of a snug bodice by using a corset (although you can choose to opt out of wearing one), and the skirt is full and billowing. The fullness of skirt can be achieved by using a considerable amount of tulle, but you could also have your designer use a crinoline, which is more of a Victorian-style ball gown. This type of silhouette is suited to brides who want to have a cinched waist for their big day.

A sheath silhouette

If you want to save money on fabric or want a dress that will be easy to wear and that will not have you contending with a lot of fabric on the gown itself, then you could deliberate on a sheath silhouette with your designer. This type of couture wedding dress will skim down your body, as it is not figure hugging. Although a sheath silhouette may seem simple, it happens to be one of the most versatile silhouettes that you can choose since it is easy to create with most types of fabric. Moreover, you can enhance its appearance with beading or Swarovski crystals if you want it to be a showstopper. Sheath silhouettes are great for women that do not want their dress to overpower the frame, and they are incredibly flattering to individuals with slim figures.

A mermaid silhouette

If you want to make a statement with your couture wedding dress and are not scared of a flirty appearance, a mermaid silhouette will be right up your alley. Characterised by its fully fitting design with a flare at the calves, a mermaid silhouette will highlight all your curves from your bust and cinched-in waist to your hips! Mermaid silhouettes work well with women who have hourglass figures but are great for any curvy woman since you could always wear a corset to accentuate your curviness.